About Hawaii Car Rental Deals

HawaiiGolfDeals is proud of our long-standing association with Alamo Hawaii car rentals (“car hire” to our friends from Downunder). Since 1994, we have endeavored to promote the best deals on the best vehicles for golfers. After all, golfers need space for those clubs that whack dimpled spheres across verdant fairways.

Hawaii car rentals and discounts

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  • Unlimited miles
  • One additional driver at no additional charge
    (a $12 per-day value)
  • ALL applicable taxes, fees and surcharges included
  • Fullsize cars and Minivans (packaged at bargain rates) to fit the needs of golfers
  • You choose the vehicle from all the applicable vehicles on the lot

While we can reserve any Alamo Hawaii car rental at excellent savings, we generally promote superior and unrivaled savings on Alamo fullsize cars and minivans (according to the size of your party).

Once you have checked in and contracted at the Alamo terminal, you’ll select the vehicle of your choice from the Alamo lot. If we book you in a fullsize car, choose any fullsize, standard or midsize car that inspires you. We are partial to the Nissan Altima and Hyundai Sonata for quiet roomy interiors, large trunks and superb gas mileage.

There is no limit to how many Alamo Hawaii car rentals you may reserve.

To get a quote, just use our QUICK QUOTE Form. We generally respond within one business day.

Most Quoted (absolute best value car rentals):

hawaii car rental 1 You choose from these three styles after check-in at the Alamo terminal:
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hawaii minivan rental After check-in at the Alamo Terminal, choose from any available minivan on the lot

Other “Specialty Car” Options:

hawaii convertible rental discount hawaii auto rental discount hawaii auto rental discount 2
hawaii car rental discount 3 hawaii car rental suv hawaii suv auto rental

HawaiiGolfDeals does NOT recommend economy or compact cars for golfers due to the lack of trunk/cargo space. Furthermore, the savings from our special fullsize rates to a compact car is only about $2 daily/$10 weekly.

The following items are NOT INCLUDED in your quote: Fuel, insurance, optional equipment (i.e. GPS and child safety seats), overtime charges, and drop charges (at locations other than the pickup location). Parking and traffic violations are at all times the responsibility of the renter.

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