Personal Oahu Golf Concierge


  • Play courses not in our GOLFHAWAIICARD Program
  • Best available rates (albeit higher than GHC courses)
  • Personalized service available only to GHC holders
  • Greater flexibility and better pricing than trying to book online

In addition to our GOLFHAWAIICARD rates and disclosing the Mystery Oahu Golf Course, we provide all those who subscribe to the Oahu GOLFHAWAIICARD with the contacts for our PERSONAL OAHU GOLF CONCIERGE, who can book golf at most of Oahu’s daily fee golf courses and resorts.

While pricing is higher than the extraordinary rates at our participating GOLFHAWAIICARD courses, you will always be privy to some of the best available visitor rates at virtually all of Hawaii’s non-municipal, daily fee courses, including resorts. And we can even provide transportation to and from the course, if you so desire. This exclusive service is yet another benefit for our loyal subscribers.

Why do we have to offer such a service? Well.. Golf courses generally prefer to display rack rates even though they are willing to offer some discounted rates behind the scenes and to a chosen few who actually deliver rounds and revenues. Our 27 years of doing business and our loyal subscriber base presents a worthwhile avenue of delivery. And your participation will only help to create more affordable pricing scenarios. Nonetheless, playing our participating GOLFHAWAIICARD courses should always be first and foremost in planning your golf activities.

Let’s review…

With your subscription to the Oahu GOLFHAWAIICARD, you’ll receive your card(s) and supporting collateral, which includes the disclosure of the MYSTERY OAHU GOLF COURSE, a copy of our exclusive OAHU DINING INSIDER and all the contacts for you to get in touch with your PERSONAL OAHU GOLF CONCIERGE. That’s a lot of value for very little green!

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