Privacy Policy has a long-standing policy of protecting the privacy of customers in its business operations. has the responsibility to protect the confidentiality of the content of any information transmitted over the network and safeguard the use of information that customers may reasonably expect us to keep private. If you have any questions or comments please Contact Us.

To support our policy, has developed the following customer information principles to guide business decisions and sustain the trust consumers have in the brand. These principles seek to balance the application of information age technologies with the privacy concerns of consumers.

  • safeguards customers’ information from unauthorized access.
  • honors consumers’ requests to remove their names from our telephone or e-mail solicitation lists.
  • strives to keep customer records current and accurate.
  • collects, maintains and uses customer information that is necessary to provide the most helpful and personalized products and services to meet consumers’ needs.
  • does not sell the names, addresses or phone numbers of its customers and maintains confidentiality of customer information when undertaking projects with other companies.
  • In developing new products and services as well as enhancements to existing offerings, takes into account consumer expectations and input regarding the appropriate use of customer information.