Maui Golf Insider’s Guide: Hawaii Golf Deals’ Insider’s Guide to Maui Golf


The ultimate Maui golf insider’s guide — our Insider’s Guide to Maui Golf — is the latest terrific addition to HawaiiGolfDeals’ roster of Maui golf savings. It will save you hundreds of dollars (or more) on any Maui golf vacation and provide useful information about Maui golf courses and deals.

This two-part newsletter discloses the absolute best deals every HawaiiGolfDeals golfer can and should enjoy right now and in the near future.

And we bestow it “free-of-charge” upon anyone who utilizes our services for…
      •  Lodging, Alamo vehicle & Kapalua golf (we always have the best price there)
      •  Lodging & Alamo vehicle
      •  Alamo vehicle & Kapalua golf
      •  Alamo vehicle
      •  HawaiiGolfDeals’ Maui golf bundles

When it comes to a Maui golf insider’s guide, there is no better value than HawaiiGolfDeals’ Insider’s Guide to Maui Golf. How can anything be a better value than “free?”

We tell you about deals the golf courses do not even publicize. Many cannot even be found on the course’s own website. You’ll quickly realize that our advice makes using any middleman or tee time service a complete waste of money and time.

In addition to actual pricing specials and opportunities, our Maui golf insider’s guide even makes suggestions on questions to ask, when to book and how to use leverage when making a tee time. Golfer’s from Europe to North America to Downunder and Asia are finding this to be the ultimate Maui golf resource designed for the ultimate avid/core golf traveler.

We don’t publish it online and you can’t get it anywhere else—HawaiiGolfDeals’ Insider’s Guide to Maui Golf is the best thing to happen to Maui golf since metal replaced wood.

Give us a chance to match or beat any price for Kapalua golf, an Alamo vehicle or any Maui travel element and we will include our exclusive Insider’s Guide to Maui Golf with your order at no charge. It’s that simple.

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