2021 Insider’s Guide to Kauai Golf & Kauai Vacation Packages


HawaiiGolfDeals’ Insider’s Guide to Kauai Golf is the most recent addition to our never-ending quest to provide real golf value in the Aloha state. It will save you money and time on any Kauai golf vacation, and provide valuable information about Kauai golf courses. Best of all, this two-part newsletter discloses the absolute best hidden deals every golfer can, and should, take advantage of now and in the near future.

When pondering a visit to the “Garden Island,” golfers have to be aware of a general lack of real value, and the loss of 45 holes of resort golf during the past decade. But we can help in a number of positive and fruitful ways.

That being said, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the strict rules and regulations instituted by Kauai’s powers-that-be, there are far less visitors on the Garden Island. Additionally, the three resorts now only have 18 holes each, down 45 total holes since about 2015. One independent course is also closed indefinitely due to the pandemic (and may not reopen), which moves the needle to 63 holes shuttered during the past seven years. So, for the avid golf traveler, Kauai may not be the place to go for a real golf vacation.

Accordingly, we will review whether it pays to offer a 2022 Insider’s Guide to Kauai Golf by mid-December 2021, so please check back with us at that time.

Since Princeville’s Prince Golf Club shuttered in late 2014, and Kauai Lagoons Resort (now called “Hokuala”) very quietly reduced from 36 to 18 holes over the past decade, Kauai has only three resort courses with AM rates ranging from $209-$305 + tax. PM rates are in the $185-$221 range (no PM rates at Hokuala). Play any later than about 2:30PM and you’re unlikely to finish due to no daylight savings in Hawaii, where carts are in by 6:00PM on Dec. 21 and by 6:30 on Jun. 21.

Please be advised that other than the three very high-priced 18-hole resort courses, there are only 45 other accessible holes of golf on Kauai, with one of the better independent courses closed indefinitely and not likely to reopen.

The collateral and websites that flow out of Kauai and Hawaii do not tell the story of the reduction of available Kauai golf holes, so be sure to do your research before considering where you want to play, as it may affect your overall decision on which island to visit.

Pre-pandemic information…

During the past four years, Kauai’s three remaining resort courses decided to raise rates from their already lofty levels. However, if you’re compelled to play all three of Kauai’s remaining resort courses and two other gems, we can show you how you can play five rounds on five courses for $678, including tax, on virtually any day and mostly in the AM. Is it a great deal?—NO! Is it the absolute best deal out there?—YOU BET IT IS! And we challenge you to find this from any other source!

Don’t worry, the $678 deal (including tax) includes The Ocean Course at Hokuala (formerly Kauai Lagoons Kiele Course), Princeville Makai Golf Club and Poipu Bay Golf Club, in addition to two other gems. You will not find this information anywhere else!

By following the tips in our Insider’s Guide to Kauai Golf, you can play…
3 Kauai rounds
on 3 terrific courses                         as little as $179 pp including tax

3 Kauai resort rounds on 3 resort courses            we’ll tell you in the Insider’s Guide
5 Kauai rounds on 5 courses (incl. 3 resorts)          as little as $678 pp including tax
7 Kauai rounds on 6 courses (incl. 3 resorts)          as little as $795 pp including tax
9 Kauai rounds on 6 courses (incl. 3 resorts)          as little as $924 pp including tax

Our Insider’s Guide to Kauai Golf is FREE when you book any element(s) of a HawaiiGolfDeals’-referred Kauai Vacation Package (Lodging & Vehicle). At the absolute best price on the planet, of course.

That’s right, in 2019, you were able to play five rounds of Kauai golf on five Kauai courses, including the three resort layouts, for an average of $136 per-round! Perhaps you are visiting Kauai for two weeks or more, and would like to play nine times on a real golf vacation? We’ll showed you how you can play nine rounds on six courses for about $924 (including tax). That’s only $102 per-day. OR, you could just play the three resort courses (at a price we can’t tell you here, but we will tell you in the Insider’s Guide); OR, play three other Kauai gems (for as little as $179, which averages less than $60 per-round). Lots of flexibility whether you want to play just three times, or nine times or more.

No kidding, there’s nothing out there that competes with our Insider’s Guide to Kauai Golf. We even told you how to get the best hidden deals all the time with no middlemen and no service fees.

There is nowhere else you can find this valuable and money-saving information.


Here’s some more cogent advice…
Kauai’s resort hotels are extremely expensive. You may be better served by staying in condo/villa accommodations, all of which will deliver greater value, lots more space and generally do not have resort and parking fees. Additionally, the Kauai condo/villa properties, as a group, seem to have some of the best views and some oceanfront locations that are not generally found at condo/villa complexes on the other islands. You can be sure that we know exactly where to recommend and you’ll get the absolute best deal.

Of course, we can direct you to information and preferred pricing on any lodging property in the Aloha State—all you have to do is ask!

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