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It’s simple to subscribe to HawaiiGolfDeals and receive your HawaiiGolfDeals GOLFHAWAIICARD. Subscriptions purchased for the current six-month period are mailed every Tuesday. For for a small fee, we can mail your subscription with GOLFHAWAIICARD the next business day. For an additional small fee, HawaiiGolfDeals will fax our exclusive GOLFHAWAIICARD certificate(s) to your home, place of business or one of our participating courses in Hawaii—often within minutes or hours of placing your order via our RUSH SERVICE OPTION, which is fully explained during the ordering process. Weekend & holiday limitations may apply.


“Some of the best deals we’ve ever found!”


Your ticket to unbeatable year-round savings
and unlimited Hawaii golf!

Since 1994, only the GOLFHAWAIICARD offers the deepest Hawaii golf discounts and absolute best deals on golf in Hawaii. Our subscribers enjoy shared power cart, tee time availability up to 90 days in advance, UNLIMITED GOLF at ALL locations and many other added-values.

Nobody else offers Hawaii golf deals that are even remotely close, no matter what they say or how they say it! In fact, when it comes to golf in the Aloha State, the Internet scammers and totally unnecessary tee time services are in rare form, in terms of undermining your best interests.

Whether you’re looking for unlimited Big Island golf, unlimited Maui golf or unlimited Oahu golf—your best Hawaii golf deal is the GOLFHAWAIICARD. Accept no substitute and trust no online provider who does not tell you exactly who they are, where they are, and how long they’ve been in business.

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