Big Island Golf Vacation Packages

When it comes to Big Island golf vacation packages, The Big Island (aka Hawaii Island and often described as “The Golf Capital of Hawaii”) is a hands-down winner. A look at our HawaiiGolfDeals Big Island golf programs certainly bolsters the claim.

HawaiiGolfDeals offers a veritable smorgasbord of outstanding Big Island golf courses that will suit every golfer to a tee, as well as a spectacular array of beachfront resort hotels and sensational condo/villa complexes. Frankly, you will not find better Big Island golf deals and Big Island golf vacation packages from any other source. 

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Not surprisingly, the Kohala Coast is the center of the universe when it comes to Big Island golf vacation packages and lodging on Hawaii’s Big Island. Resorts dominate the landscape. Well… not exactly. Frozen-in-time lava is far more abundant than any signs of development. But this particular stretch of coast is the big kahuna when it comes to resorts and great Big Island golf vacation packages. There are also lodging options in Keauhou Bay, Kailua-Kona and Waikoloa Village.

But much has changed during the past decade…

For a variety of reasons, including costly and often overdue renovations, as well as positive economic indicators and increased “lift” (flights) since 2010, Hawaii’s beachfront hotels have been substantially increasing room rates to such lofty heights that they are now out of reach for many longer duration golf guests, among others. Several taxes that affect visitors have also been steadily rising and adding significantly to the overall cost.

Along with constantly increasing room rates and taxes, surcharges & fees have proliferated throughout Hawaii. These include the now ubiquitous daily resort fee (some call “amenity” fee), which has become part of the Hawaii lodging lexicon. While many resort hotels include parking in their resort fee, some do not and you can pay a $35-$40 per-day resort fee plus $25-$35 daily for parking. Generally, the resort fee covers parking, wi-fi and a few other marginal benefits.

While the number of beachfront hotels has stayed roughly the same (seven on the Kohala Coast) for the past 25 years, the number of resort-located condo/villa complexes has grown significantly. There are now at least 15 complexes on the multi-golf course resorts. And the vast majority of these units are newer and better than those found on other Hawaiian islands.

For golfers, these condo/villa accommodations are far more spacious than hotel rooms and even suites; Gourmet kitchens and washer/dryer are also part of the setup and savings; And of course, there is rarely a resort or amenity fee, and parking is almost always free. The only thing that has changed for the worse during the past decade, is that there are virtually no remaining units where daily maid service is part of the condo/villa experience. In fact, rather steep out-cleaning fees are attached to all units. But all in all, golfers are much better off in condo/villa units. The space is outstanding and the all-around savings is substantial.

Nobody is more knowledgeable than our intrepid band of Hawaii-only agents, who know every way to get you the best price for any lodging property in Hawaii. In addition to our own direct contracts, we work with wholesalers and consolidators that no private individual can access. Not only do we have intimate knowledge of the Big Island lodging landscape, but have a quarter-of-a-century relationship with Alamo that delivers the best prices on the best vehicles for golfers. We’ll even find you the best deal on air. And for Big Island packages, we include a discounted Big Island GOLFHAWAIICARD to complete the package and your ultimate golf experience.

HawaiiGolfDeals Travel Service will not only save you money, but we will save you valuable time and energy in your search for the perfect Big Island golf adventure, which can include the half-day Spirit of Golf Academy. We’ll even make your tee times and arrange and include rental clubs that will be delivered to you. And every Big Island golf vacation package always includes our Big Island GOLFHAWAIICARD and our Big Island Dining Guide.

Due to the constantly changing rates that are more often than not “yield-managed” and seasonally changing, we no longer display rates. Instead, just fill out our simple and intuitive online Quote Request Form, as completely as possible, and we will get back to you promptly with a value-driven quote and itinerary that will not be beat.

And of course, HawaiiGolfDeals can book you in most any lodging property in the Aloha state — All you have to do is ask!

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Every Big Island golf package features an Alamo vehicle with:

  • Unlimited miles
  • One additional driver at no additional charge
  • ALL applicable taxes, fees and surcharges included
  • Fullsize cars and Minivans (packaged at bargain rates) to fit the needs of golfers
  • You choose the vehicle from all the applicable vehicles on the lot